About Us

Affordable and reliable veterinary care is important for you and your pet. St. Francis Animal Hospital, founded in 2003, strives to make healthcare accessible to all owned pets. We work diligently to treat every patient with quality, comprehensive care – and to protect the special bond that exists between you and your animal.

Our intense desire to provide a wide range of services, at prices you can afford, is the driving force behind our office. We treat dogs and cats, and always welcome new patients with open arms. We offer full-service veterinary care at a lower-cost. Our services include:

    Emergency Care
    Surgery (including some specialty surgeries)
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    Spays and Neuters
    Diagnostic Exams
    Routine Checkups

Long term, we aspire to also offer specialized care for more extensive problems such as periodontal disease, ruptured ligaments, and herniated disks; conduct orthopedic and heart surgeries; implement cancer treatments; and much more. Through community support, benefactor donations, and our loyal patients who walk through our door every day, we continue to move toward making our future goals a reality.