Shadow’s Story

DSCF0447_optShadow was Chris’s best friend and furry “kid” – they were inseparable.  Sadly Chris suffered from cystic fibrosis and died at a young age while waiting for a lung transplant.  When Chris died, Shadow went to live with Chris’s mom.

Together, Shadow and Chris’s mom mourned the death of Chris – and helped each other through the heartache.

Shadow-cropped_optWhen Shadow became ill, Chris’s mom was devastated because she couldn’t afford the entire cost of the surgery to save Shadow’s life.  As the only remaining connection left to Chris, Chris’s mom couldn’t bear the thought of losing her, too.

Thanks to the generosity of the Helping Paws Fund donors, Shadow was able to get the life-saving surgery she needed and Chris’s mom is eternally grateful to still have Shadow in her life.


Lucky’s Story

Lucky came to Lucky3St. Francis Animal Hospital after he was attacked by a large dog running loose in his neighborhood.  Sadly, Lucky’s Chihuahua brother Scrappy was killed by the dog and Lucky was seriously injured.




The attacking dog grabbed and shook Lucky, causing an abdominal wall hernia (his stomach and spleen were protruding through the abdominal wall) which required emergency surgery to save his life.

Lucky’s family was not only dealing with grief from the loss of Scrappy, but they were faced with medical costs for Lucky that they couldn’t afford.  Thanks to donors like you, Lucky was able to get the surgery he needed to save his life.  Lucky is now back at home recovering and his family is so grateful to have their sweet baby home.  Lucky’s brother Cujo is also happy to have his buddy back home.

Lucky and Cujo-cropped

Lucky (l) and his brother Cujo (r) after Lucky’s life-saving surgery


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Casper’s Story


Casper before surgery

Casper is an 18 week old 7-pound Maltese puppy and his leg was broken when he got under his mommy’s feet.  Casper’s mommy was heartbroken because she didn’t mean to step on Casper – how often have we had this happen to us with our dogs and cats?  Sadly, Casper’s mommy was not working because she was scheduled to have surgery and was out of work for 3 months.  Without a job, she was on a very limited income and couldn’t afford the entire cost of the surgery to repair Casper’s broken leg.

Casper after surgery

Casper after surgery

Thanks to donors like you, Casper was able to get the surgery he needed to repair his leg so he could once again run and play like a puppy should.  And Casper’s family is extremely grateful for the help they received to help their sweet puppy they love so much!


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Harper’s Story

harper1 Harper is a sweet 2 year old Great Dane that came to St. Francis Animal Hospital very sick and requiring emergency surgery because she had an intestinal blockage. Harper’s mommy couldn’t afford the entire cost for her medical care – and Harper would have died without emergency surgery.


Thanks to many wonderful donors, Harper was able to get the medical care she needed.  Harper recovered quickly and was able to go home ahead of schedule! Harper has come back to St. Francis Animal Hospital for a follow-up and she is doing fantastic. Harper’s mommy is so happy to have her baby back home and doing so well!

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Nettington’s Story

The first patient treated in the St. Francis Animal Hospital Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment Center was a 13-year old Golden Retriever named Nettington that had been bitten in the face by a water moccasin three days prior to treating him with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment.
Upon completion of the first HBOT treatment, the swelling of Nettington’s muzzle was reduced by 4 inches. And less than 24 hours after the first HBOT treatment, the swelling in Nettington’s muzzle had reduced so significantly, it was nearly back to normal.

Nettington received a total of three HBOT treatments and was released two days after his initial treatment. nettington2“I have never seen snake bite swelling reduced so significantly in such a short amount of time,” said St. Francis Animal Hospital founder Dr. Susan Shelton.

Nettington’s story is just one reason why St. Francis Animal Hospital’s new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment Center is expected to be valuable for other pets with other serious medical issues.

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