Use Our Services
When you use Saint Francis’ services, not only do you help fund our daily operations, but you also relieve other local vets of financial stress. When pet owners who need financial assistance visit other veterinary offices, and then struggle to pay for the services, confusion and frustration can arise. We’re here to ease these uncomfortable situations for the pet owner and the vet. Call us today and schedule a reservation for your pet!

Make A Donation
Your donation can help provide important medical care for a sick or injured family pet. Here are just some of the ways your dollars can help:

  • $25 antibiotic injection
  • $50 basic ultrasound
  • $75 average overnight hospitalization care
  • $100 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment
  • $125 X-Rays
  • $150 extensive lab work for sick pets
  • $300 blood transfusion
  • $500 various emergency surgeries