Exam Prices

We offer reservations or walk-in (first come/first serve) visits. Please call ahead to make a reservation or to find out the walk-in times for the week as these times are subject to change.

  • Walk in exam for vaccines only: $40.00 (cost of vaccines not included)
  • Exam for things other than vaccines: $40.00 for walk-ins or reservations

Healthy Pet Wellness Packages available:

Basic Wellness Package – $109:  includes a doctor exam, all vaccines, heartworm test and fecal test.

Advanced Wellness Package – $139:  includes a doctor exam, all vaccines*, heartworm test, fecal test and comprehensive blood work.

*Dog vaccines include:  Bordatella, DHPP and Rabies

*Cat vaccines include:  FeLV, FDRC and Rabies

Healthy Pet Wellness Package – Important Fine Print:

$22 fee for Duval County Rabies license is not included in the package price.   Any additional services will be an additional fee.   No discounts will be given if you decline any of the services included in the above packages.  Healthy Pet Wellness Package appointments are for well patients ONLY.  

A’ la Carte Shots: ALL SHOTS $16.00 Each

DHPPV (Distemper/Parvo for dog or FDRC Distemper for cat)
Puppy or kitty boosters
FeLV (Feline Leukemia)


FeLV/FIV (Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS) – $42.00
Heartworm – $26.00

Fecal (worm check):

$30.00 if collected in house
$20.00 if brought from home