Spays and Neuters

Spay and Neuter pricing includes brief exam day of surgery, anesthesia and a rabies vaccine if needed.

Pre-surgical exam by doctor prior to surgery day $25.00 required for new clients only


Cat Neuter:  $45.00
Dog Neuter less than 25 lbs:  $65.00
Dog Neuter 26-99 lbs:  $85.00
Dog Neuter Over 99 lbs:  $110.00


Cat Spay:  $75.00
Dog Spay Up to 49lbs:  $95.00
Dog Spay 50 to 80lbs:  $125.00
Dog Spay Over 80lbs:  $150.00

$30 deposit required prior to surgery day for all spays/neuters to hold reservation; deposit will be applied toward the cost of surgery.


Nail Trim                             $19.00

Anal Gland Expression      $25.00

Ear Plucking                       $12.00

Ear Cleaning                       $18.00